How to host the perfect family game night

Family game nights are epic fun, guaranteed to become one of your family’s favorite ways to hang out together.

Gather the little ones, unplug the devices and grab some quality time together.

Family game nights are epic fun. Simply throw something easy and delicious in the slow cooker, shut down every screen and device… and just hang.

They’ll love it, you’ll love it, and we guarantee that game night will soon become one of your family’s favorite ways to chill together.



Pick a comfortable spot in your house, somewhere that can easily accommodate everyone as well as the game you’ve picked. Our family’s preferred spot for the more physically active games is on large floor cushions around the coffee table in the living room, while the dining room table is best for boardgames.


It doesn’t have to be at night, especially not if your youngest have early bedtimes.


Food, anyone?

Absolutely! The food is the glue that binds this whole shindig together. Our favorites tend towards family classics, super-easy, tasty choices that preferably allow everyone to customize exactly what they want (burgers, tacos, pizzas, quesadillas). If it’s something you can prepare with minimal effort, even better. Check out our Pinterest board, Slow & Low Crockpot Recipes, for a round-up of some of the best recipes out there.

Which games?

Select games based on the ages of your kids, and pick more than one per game night so that folks don’t get bored. Overall, games should be easy to teach, easy (and short) to play, and most of all, fun.

Note though that if there’s a wide age range among the kids, boardgames can be frustrating for either the youngest or oldest, and physical games are usually far more enjoyable for everyone, especially if played in teams.


Classic, fun games for family game night


1. Blockbeard’s Balance Boat Playset, 4 years+ ($18.99)  2. Scrabble Junior, 5 years+ ($15.99)  3. Make-Your-Own Ring Toss, 3 years+ ($14.99)  4. Busy Barnyard Dominoes, 12 months+($13.99)  5. Classic Jenga, 6 years+ ($13.99)  6. Operation, 3 years+ ($23.99)  7. Alphabet Soup Matching & Memory Cards, 4 years+ ($7.99)  8. Family Charades Compendium, 4 years+ ($24.99)  9. Go Fish Cards, 4 years+ (7.99)  10. Backyard Animals Domino Set, 3 years+ (32.99)


Check out our Pinterest board, OGG: Family Game Night, for more of our favorite ideas and recipes.

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