5 delicious chili recipes for chilly nights

You deserve it. They deserve it. Tonight it's delicious, mouthwatering chili for dinner.


Its a cold, rainy day. You have absolutely no intention of changing out of your yoga pants. This is going to be an everyone-stays-in kind of day.

So whats for dinner when you’re in this mood? Spicy, aromatic, delicioso chili of course! Every family has their own favorite recipe, but if youre looking for some inspiration (especially during October, National Chili Month!), here are some fresh spins on a family classic.


Smoky Chipotle Chicken Chili

From one of our favorite blogs, What’s Gaby Cooking, this chicken version is just the right amount of spicy for everyone, certainly enough that you’ll gobble down a second bowl.


Rancher’s Texas Chili

Made with chunks of beef, here’s a stick-to-your-ribs chili, Texas-style, courtesy of food blog, Little Spice Jar. Deeply flavorsome, it’s a recipe that benefits from hours of cooking, so best bung it in the crockpot in the morning, and tuck in (with corn chips!) by the afternoon.


Healthy Turkey Chili

The Cookie Rookie may have lightened up her turkey chili recipe so that it comes in at around 500 calories per serving, but that doesn’t mean it’s missing flavor. Jam-packed with beans, corn, onion and green pepper, this healthy version is topped with Greek yogurt instead of the usual sour cream. You won’t even miss it, we swear.


One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese

Hands up if you’ve seen this mouthwatering picture all over your Pinterest. (It’s been pinned over 1.5 million times!) Damn Delicioushearty one pot chili mac and cheese is heavy on the comfort food and light on effort, taking only 30 minutes to prep, cook and serve in time for a busy weeknight family dinner. Winner winner, chili dinner!


Quick Turkey Mole Sweet Potato Chili

If you’ve ever found the idea of making a mole sauce intimidating (guilty!), then this easy sauce is a great place to start. Food blog, Cotter Crunch, blends sweet potato into the mole, before adding it to turkey chili, which thickens it, but also creates a sweet, savory, paleo-friendly chili that is, quite honestly, out of this world!


For more chili recipes, check out our popular Pinterest board, The Best Chili Recipes.

(Image credits: What’s Gaby Cooking, Little Spice Jar, The Cookie Rookie, Damn Delicious, Cotter Crunch)