9 tips for the best Easter egg hunt ever

Bring all the kids to your yard for the neighborhood's best Easter egg hunt.

young boy and girl go one outdoor easter egg hunt
  • Choose your hiding places with your guests in mind. Little kids need easy-to-reach places, so be sure to place your treasures nice and low.


  • Hide the really special treasures somewhere more challenging. Place the bulk candy and chocolates in the easiest spots, and save the really special treats for the hiding places that’ll require a little more effort to find.


  • Make a map. Remember that episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’ when Kirk forgot to draw a map of where he’d hidden hard-boiled eggs for the Stars Hollow hunt, and it wasn’t long before the smell became unbearable? Take heed folks and keep track of your eggs (not that finding a forgotten chocolate Easter egg a few months from now won’t be rewarding…).


  • Consider keeping it color-coded, where kids only look for and keep the eggs that are wrapped in the color assigned to them. This is a good way to ensure egg-hunters stick to the treasures that are most appropriate for them. Which reminds us…


  • Remember to stay size-appropriate. If your guests skew much younger, be sure to choose treats that are a suitable size and won’t pose a choking hazard.


  • Buy enough for everyone. About 20 treasures per kid is a good ballpark.


  • Give the hunt a little twist. We love this free printable from A Mom’s Take, combining an Easter egg hunt with a Spring scavenger hunt. It’s different, engaging, and will (hopefully) keep the kids busy for a lot longer.


  • Try an indoor hunt. If you don’t have access to a sizable outdoor area, an indoor hunt is just as much fun. Just be sure to set boundaries – be clear about which areas of your home have zero treats and are off-limits – and don’t hide eggs around fragile items, because when the hunt for chocolate is on, things can get cray-cray.


For more great ideas on how to make Easter special for the kids, take a look at our Pinterest board, OGG: Easter, which features some great crafts and activities for the littles.