The best STEM toys for toddlers

Encourage your toddler’s natural love of all things STEM with these age-appropriate learning toys.

Toddler girl plays with traditional STEM educational toy a small wooden abacus

Did you know that you can begin encouraging your child to explore all things STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as early as within the first three years of their life?

During this time, when their brains are rapidly growing, they’re learning all about this wonderful new world and their place in it. In fact, every child conducts their own experiments almost daily without even realizing it!


(Credit: Preschool STEAM)

While using their senses as they interact and play – touching, building, stacking, sorting, experimenting, creating, listening, watching and moving – their young brains grow. They connect processes and ideas, think, realize creative visions, enact cause and effect, and interact with others.

It’s a journey you’ll love embarking on with them. Here we’ve put together our top selection of the best Oh Goodie Goodies’ toys for encouraging a love of STEM in toddlers (ages 12 months to 36 months). And best of all, not a single one is made from plastic!

Toys that teach all about about Science:

  • Cause and effect
  • Gravity
  • The human body
  • Magnetism
  • Nature

Twisty Traffic Bead Maze $32.99

Dr. Maple’s Medical Kit $24.99

Four Seasons Magnetic Playset $22.99

Make & Break Magnetic Helicopter $15.99

My First Dino Kit $18.99

Busy Barnyard Farm Animals Playset $49.99

 Gizmo The Hedgecog Gear Puzzle $21.95

Lift & Look Magnetic Dino Catcher $12.99

Space Adventure Pound & Tap Bench $28.99


Stock Car Ramp Racers $29.99



Toys that teach all about Engineering:

  • Spatial relationships
  • Shape, color and size recognition and sorting
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Building and stacking


Rainbow Rings Stacking Tower $14.99

Professor Poplar’s Chunky Barnyard Helpers Puzzle $12.99


Blockbeard’s Balance Boat Playset $18.99


Constructables! 92-piece Wood Building Set $34.99


Mini Marble Mayhem $25.99

Zoo Pals Domino Adventures $29.99


Busy Barnyard Sorting Cube $14.99

Jumbo Professor Poplar’s People Movers Peg Puzzle $14.98


Smart Shapes Sorting House $26.99

Stacking Train $21.99


DIY Fire Engine $24.99


STEM toys for toddlers wooden abacus


Toys that teach all about Math:

  • Counting
  • Numbers
  • Fractions


Abacus $17.99


Change & Charge Cash Register $21.99


Happy Birthday Chocolate Party Cake $19.99

Mix and Match Magnetic Pan Pizza $19.99

Veggie Slicers $17.99


Busy Barnyard Dominoes $13.99

Colorful Counting Number Stacker $17.99


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