Calling all mini chefs!

Kit out the kiddie kitchen with play food sets that inspire oodles of creative play.

young boy in white chef hat tastes soup off steel soup ladle

Today’s play food sets are a far cry from the plastic bananas and apples most of us grew up with. From build-it-yourself sandwiches and sliceable veggie sets, to gourmet coffee machines and lifelike grocery essentials such as eggs and milk, the best sets are made of wood, beautifully finished with incredible attention to detail, and brimming with play possibilities.

Here’s a quick look at some of our favorites.


The best wooden toys for a child’s kitchen


Scrumptious Cupcakes, 3 years+ ($11.99)  2. Fruit Slicers, 3 years+ ($19.99)  3. Eggcellent Eggs, 3 years+ ($9.99)  4.  Marvelous Mixer, 3 years+($24.99)  5. Tabletop Cookware Kitchenette Set, 3 years+ ($32.99)  6. Succulent Salad, 3 years+ ($19.99)  7. Happy Birthday Party Cake, 3 years+ ($11.99)  8. Super Sandwich Set, 3 years+ ($21.99)  9. Veggie Slicers, 3 years+ ($17.99)  10. Espresso Express Coffee Maker Playset, 3 years+ ($29.99)


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