Easy-peasy St Paddy’s Day crafts for kids

Rainbows, pots o’ gold, leprechauns & green everywhere! Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with these colorful kids' crafts.

st patricks day crafts for kids jello lime playdo by plain vanilla mom

Gather the construction paper, and set out the glue, pom poms and paint… Because we’ve found the 10 most adooorable and colorful St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids. From a super-simple fingerpainted rainbow to a shamrock banner that’ll look fantastically festive hung over your front door, here’s a selection of crafts that don’t require much to make, and that the kids will love working on.


st patricks day crafts for kids 3d rainbow and pot of gold by crafty morning

Make this 3D Over The Rainbow craft by Crafty Morning with nothing more than construction paper, scissors, tape and glitter, pennies or chocolate coins. If you want to add a little zing, you could glue down cotton balls for the cloud instead. While simple to make, your younger child may need some help looping the paper strips and taping them when making the rainbow.


st patricks day crafts for kids handpainted shamrock stencil t shirt by cutesy crafts

Our sons love personalizing T-shirts with their art, so we’re definitely breaking out this eraser-stamped clover shirt by Cutesy Crafts. Make a clover stencil using freezer paper (easy to find at the grocery store), and dip a pencil eraser in green fabric paint to create the shamrock shape. Here the dots have been placed closer together around the clover, then gradually faded out, which gives the image some nice dimension.


st patricks day crafts for kids glitter jello green play do by plain vanilla mom

Plain Vanilla Mom used her favorite homemade play dough recipe (courtesy of Modern Parents Messy Kids) to make this deliciously-smelling, sparkly lime Jello dough. Using a basic recipe of flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, a little cooking oil and lime Jello, she added in some green food coloring and lots of glitter… So easy to make and your preschooler will love it!


st patricks day crafts for kids puffy paint leprechaun beard by crafty morning

Another fantastic craft by Crafty Morning, it’s the bright orange puffy paint that makes this little leprechaun so special. Make the paint using shaving cream, Elmer’s glue and food coloring, then set it out in a bowl and let the kids decorate the leprechaun’s face, creating a 3D beard and hair.


st patricks day crafts for kids rainbow and shamrock toilet paper binoculars by crafty morning

Should we call them Leprechaun Lookers? Or Pot o’ Gold Goggles? Either way, these rainbow binoculars – also by Crafty Morning – are gorgeous. And best of all, you only need colorful strips of paper, 2 toilet paper rolls, tape, green paper (for the shamrock), and ribbon or string to make. So easy!


You don’t even need a stencil or printable to create this shamrock banner by Kinder Art. Their tutorial shows you how to create the shapes by folding and cutting paper. Although ideal if made with differently colored construction paper, you can also use plain paper and let the kids at it with crayons, paint and glitter.

st patricks day crafts for kids fingerpainted rainbow by crafty morning

Your preschooler will love this fingerprint rainbow idea by Crafty Morning. Start with the red arch, and continue from there, wiping their finger when it’s time to switch colors, and helping them stick down the pot o’ gold at the end.


For more St Paddy’s Day kiddie crafts, recipes, and even party decor ideas, visit our St Patrick’s Day Pinterest board. And may the luck of the Irish be with you!



(Images courtesy of: Crafty Morning, Cutesy Crafts, Plain Vanilla Mom and Kinder Art)