Free printable kids’ activity: Paper dolls

Print, color and create our free boy and girl paper dolls, complete with outfits.

color in cut out paper dolls creative activity for children

Remember paper dolls? Possibly one of the most old-fashioned, zero-tech, low-cost ways to play?

The thing about old-school toys is that, given the opportunity, they are still completely capable of keeping even the most modern of children occupied. Here, for example, is our 7-year-old, who colored, cut, and created his paper dolls for at least an hour.


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If you have children at home who enjoy anything a little arty or crafty, why not download our free 4-page paper doll printable? The set includes 1 boy and 1 girl paper doll, and a selection of outfits, including shoes, an evening gown, and even a pair of sunglasses.

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Set your child up with some crayons, coloring pencils or markers, and help them with cutting out the shapes if they’re a little young. They may need your help with cutting around the clothing tags, as well as the spot between the dolls’ arms and their bodies, where most of the outfits “attach”.


kids indoor activities free printables paper dolls


Simply click this link: Free Printable Paper Dolls to download.

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Free Printable Paper Dolls