Kids’ printable coloring pages

Keep the kids occupied with these fantastic and free coloring printables. Click, download, print. Sorted.

Free kids printable coloring pages

Here’s our selection of links to sites that offer free coloring printables for kids of all ages. We’ve got every imaginable theme covered, from animals and seasons, to their favorite movie characters and a selection of fairies and unicorns.


Coloring pages for preschoolers, kindergartners & kids up to 5th grade

The website features an enormous collection of free coloring pages, with a special focus on simple designs for preschoolers. Choose from themes as varied as fairies, Dora, animals, and even My Little Pony. Plus each coloring printable is easy to download in Word, PDF, .jpg, or .png formats.


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What is childhood without Crayola? Finding their website has been like discovering a long-forgotten, much-loved teddy in the attic.

Visit for free printables such as seasonal- and holiday-themed coloring pages for Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Earth Day. They also have a wealth of Disney and Disney/Pixar pages such as Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and Cars, and popular movie characters like Nemo and Dory. Plus there are sections featuring plants, animals, places, and even adult coloring pages so you can join in too.

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Just Color Kids is another terrific resource, with themed content such as movie and TV characters, animals and holidays, but there are also educational pages such as Days of the Week, and Fruits and Vegetables, plus plenty of detailed Mandalas and even Zentangles.

Other highly recommended resources for free coloring printables include:


Religious-themed coloring pages

If you’re looking for coloring pages that offer religious themes, we’ve found these resources for Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu families.


Kids printable coloring pages free religious downloads


Christian and Bible-themed coloring pages: This John 3:16 coloring printable is from the site Fun 365, which offers a good selection of other religious-themed pages. Note that while you’ll have to fill out a form to access downloads, all are free.

More Christian coloring pages can be found at Coloring Pages and Best Coloring Pages For Kids. We especially loved the options at Coloring.WS which includes angels, the Lord’s Prayer, Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, and more.


Muslim-themed coloring pages: Super Coloring offers a wide range of themed pages for Eid, Ramadan, prayer, Hajj and famous mosques from around the world. They also offer lovely Hamsa and intricate mosaics to color, and plenty more designs including Arabic calligraphy.

Free Islamic and Muslim religious and cultural kids coloring printables


Jewish-themed coloring pages: The Chabad website is packed with themed coloring printables including for Passover and other holidays. Plus you’ll find coloring pictures of a dreidl, menorah, Elijah, Esther, Moses, and more, at Coloring.WS. is another comprehensive resource, with a collection of coloring pages on all weekly Torah portions and major Jewish holidays. We especially love their coloring books, usually around 14 pages and perfect for younger children.


Hindu-themed coloring pages: The Sanatan Society has a selection of coloring pages that range from relatively simple to more detailed and complex, while Super Coloring has a wonderful range of printables that celebrate Shiva, Ganesha and more. Find even more Hindu-themed coloring printables at Get Coloring Hindu religious coloring page for children

Coloring really is one of those timeless activities that keep the kiddies occupied, and can be a fun indoor activity that the family can do together. Not only does the physical rhythm of coloring calm the brain, alleviating stress and anxiety, doing it together sets the stage for conversation and connection. Coloring also helps children improve their motor skills, focus and hand eye coordination, teaches color awareness, and helps their self-expression. All of it just a set of crayons away…


[Pics from Fun 365, Coloring Kids and Sanatan Society).