Farkle Dice Game for Family Game Night with 75 Scorecards Bundle
SKU: GDIC-2203.2206

Farkle Family Dice Game With 75 Extra Scorecards


Enjoy the classic, hilarious (and loud!) dice game, Farkle, for months to come with this set that includes an extra 75 scorecards. Suitable for small and large groups, this set can be played with 2-8 players at a time, and is a game of chance – so anyone can win, making it an ideal family game night option.

Players simply roll the dice, score points, and roll again… The first player to reach 10,000 points is the winner. But be warned: Roll a dud, and you’ll lose everything!

This Farkle set comes with 25 scorecards, dice cup, 6 dice, a rule sheet and a bonus pack of 75 extra scorecards, all handily packed in a travel-friendly storage box.

For 6 years up.