Snap Circuits Battery Eliminator


Wherever your Snap Circuit requires a battery, simply plug in the Battery Eliminator instead. Compatible with the Snap Circuit kits listed below, this produces 3 different voltages (1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 volts). Please note that it is designed for 110-120 volt electrical outlets and does not work on 240 volt outlets. Additionally, each snap is a different voltage, so ensure you select the correct voltage before use. Adult supervision recommended. For North American power outlets.

 Use this product with the following Snap Circuit kits:

SC-100, SC-300, SC-500, SC-750, SCBE-75, SCP-01, SCP-02, SCP-03, SCP-04, SCP-06, SCP-08, SC-750R, SC-500R, SC-300R, SC-100R, SCM-450, SCM-400.


From 8 years up.


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