9 ways to make baby’s first Christmas magical

Your baby’s first Christmas is a special occasion to mark as a family, and even though they may sleep through most of the best moments, it’s pretty darn sweet to indulge in making this holiday as magical for them as possible.

  • Snuggle them up in special Christmas pyjamas. Is there anything as adorable as your chubby little angel in super-cute Christmas PJs, rocking a set of reindeer antlers or Santa hat?
  • Create a First Year Photobook. Be sure to order extra copies for the grandparents, a Christmas gift theyll treasure.
  • Give baby their first library, a collection of classic books that youll read to them in the years to come. Or give them your favorite Christmas story inscribed with a note from you and your partner.


  • Embrace tradition. If this is your first child, now is the perfect time to think about the holiday traditions you want to begin for your family. Pick your favorites from your and your partners families, and create something truly special just for your little crew.
  • Personalize a tree ornament with a photo or their name, or use salt dough to create your own, perhaps with a teeny foot- or handprint and the date.
  • Find a really beautiful Christmas stocking, for the many Christmases to come.


  • Visit Santa. There’s nothing like baby’s first photo with Santa, and they will love looking back on their Santa pics when they’re older.
  • Use this once-in-a-lifetime moment to give baby something thats really meaningful. It could be an engraved photo frame or a gorgeous snowglobe. Something theyll treasure forever.
  • Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. After all, a first Christmas only comes around once, so make it truly magical!